Bitget Introduces Liquid Staking Derivatives: Unlock Liquidity Without Unstaking!

• Bitget has introduced Liquid Staking Derivatives (LSDs) as a margin option for its Coin-margined Futures product.
• This new feature allows traders to tap into the liquidity of staked assets without having to unstake them.
• The inclusion of this feature solidifies Bitget’s position as the leading crypto derivatives trading platform, offering flexibility and diversification to traders.

Bitget Introduces Liquid Staking Derivatives

Bitget, an esteemed crypto derivatives and copy trading platform, has unveiled a groundbreaking addition to its offerings: Liquid Staking Derivatives (LSDs) as a margin option for Bitget Coin-margined Futures. This move establishes Bitget as the first centralized exchange to introduce such pioneering products to the market, setting a new standard for the industry.

Benefits for Crypto Traders

Crypto Futures Margined with Bitget Coin and Staked Assets offers traders flexibility with access to the liquidity of staked assets without needing to unstake them. Utilizing LSDs as a margin can bolster risk management strategies by amplifying flexibility and diversification in trading purposes. Additionally, earning staking rewards while providing liquidity for trading can stimulate an overall dynamic trading ecosystem and potentially enhance the value of staked assets.

Potential Risks

Introducing LSDs as margin options could increase potential losses for traders since it involves leveraging staked assets for trading purposes. As such, it is important that all traders understand their risk tolerance prior to leveraging such features in order to minimize any potential losses that may occur due to volatile market conditions or other factors beyond their control.

Bitgets Position in Crypto Exchange Market

With this novel addition, Bitget continues to solidify its position as the leading crypto derivatives trading platform, renowned for its multiple innovative products. Traders can now capitalize on this recent development by logging into their Bitget account and selecting LSDs as a margin option when placing trades on futures contracts supported by the platform.


By including LSDs as collateral for futures margined with Bitget Coin, traders have gained increased access to liquidity without sacrificing their staked assets or compromising their risk management strategies – making Bitget an ideal platform when it comes to leveraging cryptocurrencies in order maximize returns while minimizing losses associated with market volatility or external factors beyond one’s control